2017 Spring Descanso Endurance Ride

May 20-21, 2017


  • Scenic trail through the pines
  • Great completion awards
  • Juniors pay half price
  • Hay for horses at vet checks
  • Café, gas, market & feed store nearby
  • Competent, friendly veterinarians
  • Refreshments for riders at vet checks
  • Lunch provided for all riders & crews
  • Includes dinner Friday night
  • Includes dinner Saturday night

2013 Descanso Ride Course

The Descanso Endurance Ride in southern California is a moderate (plus) to difficult ride.

The scenery is beautiful with the ride starting at the staging area in Descanso, CA and climbing up to the pine trees and meadows of the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The course is on trails and fire roads, with good footing. There are a few stream crossings. The trail can be rocky in some areas so if it is appropriate, you may wish to consider putting pads on your horse. The trail is safe, but there are some areas that require horsemanship. There is a lot of climbing so you will need to bring a fit horse, or plan to take the full time allowed. You will be sharing the park area with other equestrians, hikers, bicyclists, deer and wild turkeys.

There is crew access to all vet checks, but since hay, bran and carrots will be provided for the horses, rider refreshments at the vet checks and lunches for all riders, support crews are really not necessary. Thank you to our volunteers for making this possible.

Basecamp of Descanso Endurance Ride

The Descanso Endurance ride basecamp is in an open field next to McClintock’s Saddle Works. Descanso Hay and Feed is also nearby. There is a small store with expensive gas (including diesel), and a café within a mile. The only water source will be a water trough that we will keep filled with a hose. If it is more convenient for you, you may want to bring your own horse water. There are no trees at basecamp, so you may want to bring your own clouds also. Dogs MUST be kept on leashes – please!

DIRECTIONS TO BASE CAMP: From San Diego via I-5 or I-15, go east on I-8 approximately 35 miles. Go past Alpine, and the Viejas Casino. Exit at Highway 79/Descanso (exit 40). Turn left and go north under the freeway. A mile down the road (at the café), turn left onto Riverside Drive. The store and gas station will be about 1/2 mile down the road on the left and the basecamp will be 1/4 mile past that on the right.


Updated April 27, 2017



  1. Tom Bache
  2. Vicky Beelik
  3. Judi Belling
  4. Pam Bingham
  5. Nina Bomar
  6. Shannon Conley
  7. Pete Davies
  8. Alexandra Deerinck
  9. Karen Donley
  10. Bart Eskander
  11. Barbara Fredy
  12. Mary Jane Fridley
  13. Alana Hansen
  14. Heidi Helly
  15. Sherlyn Kaplan
  16. Susan Kontoff
  17. Susan Kramer
  18. Kim Lipko
  19. Andrea Maitland
  20. Carrie Miracle Jordon
  21. Glen Morgan
  22. Muriel Mumu
  23. Kim Neff
  24. Janette Nelson
  25. Kristen Olko
  26. Gayle Pena
  27. Gunilla Pratt
  28. Sandy Prior
  29. Tracy Sahagun
  30. Rose Sandler
  31. Brooke Schick
  32. Lisa Schneider
  33. Ed Spitzer
  34. Joan Taylor
  35. Kerrie Tuley
  36. Janet Worts
  37. Anne York


  1. Jill Askew
  2. Sandra Bartsch
  3. Caleigh Barnatz
  4. Phoebe Chaffee
  5. Shelley Child
  6. Peggy Clements
  7. Izzy Cox
  8. Eileen Cunningham
  9. Laura Donahue
  10. Dorte Dresher
  11. Clay Fracchiolla
  12. Walter Garcia
  13. Cherie Garewal
  14. Gordan Garewal
  15. Sandy Harris
  16. Nicole Hock
  17. Valerie Jaques
  18. Brent Lance
  19. Kym Langely
  20. Rebecca London
  21. Sofia Lutes
  22. Linda McKinley
  23. Debbie Merrill
  24. Cindy Moon
  25. Mia Mukherjea-Gehrig
  26. Shel Schneider
  27. Lyla Scoles
  28. Jeanne Sesky
  29. Lisa Siderman
  30. Amanda Spina
  31. Amanda Steiger
  32. Tina Supplee
  33. Mary Anne Turner
  34. Camelia Tzadok
  35. Zoe Williams
  36. Linnea Wood


  1. Jennifer Arnautu
  2. William Askew
  3. Cindy Crook
  4. Karen Ensall
  5. Rebecca Fairfield
  6. Holli Franzese
  7. Ronald Franzese
  8. Patty Hyslop
  9. Krystal Jenkins
  10. Jane Jones
  11. Jan Morgan
  12. Hannah Puckett
  13. Penny Youngberg


  1. Michael Cardosa
  2. Nancy Cardosa
  3. Peggy Clements
  4. Alexander Deerinck
  5. Barbara Fredy
  6. Gordon Garewal
  7. Alana Hansen
  8. Sandy Harris
  9. Nicole Hock
  10. Brent Lance
  11. Debbie Merrill
  12. Kelly Peterson
  13. Sandy Prior
  14. Georgia Ruybal
  15. Brooke Schick
  16. Lisa Schneider
  17. Tina Supplee
  18. Mary Ann Turner
  19. Anne York


  1. Shelley Child
  2. Steve Downs
  3. Maile Everly
  4. Rebecca Fairfield
  5. Stephanie Pemberton
  6. Michelle Smith
  7. Janet Worts
  8. Anna Youngblood


  1. Gunilla Pratt
  2. Jennifer Monioz/Afsaneh Amini
  3. Jeanne Sesky