Update on 2016 Fall Descanso Endurance Ride

Dear Riders,

I tried to put a Descanso ride together for this fall, but unfortunately I could not get any cooperation from the Park. They would not give me answer as to what dates were available (they only allow one event per weekend) and so now the time has passed when the ride can be sanctioned. There will be no Descanso Endurance Ride this fall.

I will try for a June 2017 ride and it typically is the second Saturday in June, but I have not gotten the go ahead from Cuyamaca yet but will let you know as soon as I get a firm date.

— Terry Woolley Howe

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Spring Descanso Endurance Ride is On!

Dear Riders:

There was sufficient response and interest in the Descanso ride that I am going forward with it, despite the State Director’s ignoring of my letter to her regarding the $3,415 fees which I felt were excessive for using our public trails in the State Park. I still may get a response.

Also, the Sunday LD ride is 25 miles, not 30 miles.

It is past the deadline to order a personalized leadline, but I am still accepting entries if any of you still want to participate. You can enter online or order a pdf copy to mail in.

Terry Woolley Howe

619 992 0084

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2016 June Descanso Ride Update

Dear San Diego Endurance Riders,

The Descanso Ride is scheduled for the weekend of June 18. On Saturday, we have scheduled a 15 mile fun ride, a 25 mile ride and a 50 mile ride. On Sunday we have scheduled a 15 mile fun ride, a 30 mile ride, and a 15 and 23 mile ride & tie event. We have been informed by the Cuyamaca Park Ranger Kevin Best, that he will issue a permit for this event so we can ride on OUR trails, as soon as I pay $3,415 for a permit. I have written to Sacramento regarding these outrageous fees, but have not yet heard back from the Director of State Parks.

I have heard from many riders who indicated that they plan to enter the ride, but I have not yet received the entries from many of those. I will be out of town until June 3 and when I return, I will have to make a determination as to whether there will be sufficient entries to cover the cost of putting on the ride, as well as paying for these added permit charges. If there is not a sufficient number of entries to make the ride financial feasible, I will be forced to cancel the event. If you plan to attend, please send in your entry.

Terry Woolley-Howe

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AHA Region One 50 Mile Endurance Championship

To qualify to participate in the AHA Region One 50 Mile Endurance Championship @ Descanso on Saturday, June 18, 2016.

  1. Rider and registered horse owner must both be 2016 AHA Competition Card Members.
  2. Horse must have completed at least 100 lifetime miles of competition. Must be 50 mile distance or greater.
  3. Submit AHA paperwork to Jennifer Bishop by email or fax by Sunday, June 12, 2016 and pay cross-entry fee at sandiegoenduranceriders.com/checkout.

Awards (Sponsored by Region One Arabian Horse Association)
Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Divisions
Ribbons will be given to those finishing in the Top Five and shall be as follows:

  • Champion
  • Reserve Champion
  • Top Five
  • Best Condition (using AERC guidelines)

For AHA ride rules, please go to the 2016 Arabian Horse Association Handbook & Directory, Chapter 14., END. 108. *AHA does not allow ties

I encourage you to join your local AHA club or join San Diego Arabian Horse Association.

Jennifer Bishop

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2015 Descanso Ride Update

Dear San Diego Endurance Riders,

If you plan on attending the Descanso Endurance Ride on June 13-14 and have not signed up online, please click on this link to sign up.

The deadline to request a personalized lead rope is in two days on Thursday, May 27. For colors and fonts, click on this link.

If you would like to enter the AHA Region One 50 mile championship, please click on this link. Horse and rider requirements are listed.

If you would like to enter the Ride & Tie, please click on this link.

If you are not able to ride and can come volunteer, please complete this form and return to Terry Woolley-Howe via email or fax.

The current Descanso Ride rider list will be updated on Tuesday, May 26th. Click on this link to go the page, then scroll down to the bottom.

Join our private Facebook group to share your pictures, horses and items for sale, and just to chat when you have a question.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the trail in 2015! Don’t forget to come volunteer at a ride!

Happy Trails,

Jennifer Bishop
San Diego Endurance Riders

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